July 28, 2016

Adding a Simple Image Caption

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In an earlier post, I made a video on how to stick an image into a document at a simple level. At the same basic level, you can quickly add a caption below the image. It’s not a clever trick, but it’s something that requires a few extra steps when you want to do it correctly.

The caption is really just another line of text — a paragraph — after the line that holds the image. At the this level, where pictures are formatted inline with text, those two lines make up the image: The graphic sits on a line by itself, like a big, single character. The caption is text on the next line.

If you set the insertion pointer after the image and press Enter, the next line is formatted centered, which is ideal for a caption. Type the caption text and format it so that it’s bold and perhaps a bit smaller than the document text. If the document text uses a serif typeface, the caption should be sans serif. In fact, Word has a Caption style built-in that you can use.

The final trick is to keep both the image and the caption paragraphs together; you don’t want a page break to sneak in between them. To do that you apply the Keep Lines Together paragraph format, which is demonstrated in the video:

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