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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A closed mouth gathers no foot.


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Tuesday, Aug 23Finally! A New Title (0)
Please welcome my latest word processing title into the fold.
Thursday, Aug 18Android Contact Tricks (0)
The Phone and Contacts apps are more versatile than you might suspect.
Tuesday, Aug 16Time Travel to 1982 and Deal with a JPEG (2)
Computers back then were similar to what they are now, just slower, with less capacity, and no graphics.
Thursday, Aug 11The Emoji Craze (0)
It took me 20 years to finally succumb to formatted email, so adopting emojis is going to take me a while.


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The Wambooli website is where books written by Dan Gookin (me) are promoted and supported. I wrote the original For Dummies title, DOS For Dummies, back in 1991.

My e-mail address can be found in the front of each one of my books, at the end of the Introduction. Look for it there!