January 22, 2018

Where are the Android Tablets?

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I don’t recall suffering this type of frustration in a long time. Probably back when I was trying to find SCSI devices in the late 1990s and the standard was just starting to sunset.

SCSI was a peripheral standard, eventually replaced by USB — to the benefit of all mankind. Yet, when the standard evaporated, it left a lot of SCSI peripheral users with no other choice but to abandon their hardware investments. That sucks.

It’s understandable that some technologies die; better technologies replace them. Yet, for the past few months, I’ve been looking for a new Android tablet and nothing new is on the market. Has the Android tablet’s time on Earth come to an end?

Samsung’s “current” line of Galaxy Tabs is almost a year old. The S3 is the newest Tab and it came out last April. The Tab A is older. I see these devices online, in phone stores, and at Costco. That age, however, leads me to believe that Samsung is close to offering a new line of tablets. Yet, they showed nothing at CES.

Chromebooks are available. Google has one and so does Samsung. But they’re pricey, almost the same cost as a full-power Windows laptop. I just want a larger version of my phone that I can use to watch video, play music, and the most important task of relaxing with some games.

Apple has new iPads galore. So, when a tech company famous for Android tablets doesn’t show something at CES, that makes me believe that they’re working on something fabulous, like a folding Galaxy Tab, which I predicted earlier this month. I saw some teaser photos of a foldable “Galaxy X” phone — but no tablet.

So where the hell are the new tablets?

Are the manufacturers waiting for something big (folding screens?) or is the Android tablet market lowering itself into that fuzzy warm orange dusk of technologies past?

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