January 1, 2018

Predictions for 2018

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Here it is in the new year, 2018, and you haven’t yet had time to write 2017 on any of your checks. Time for my annual predictions!

Are you still writing checks? Most of my bills are online now, so even that metaphor is becoming a thing of the past. And in a year’s time, my bold predictions for 2018 will also become a thing of the past! Why wait?

The Year of The Goggles

Goggles are coming in a two-pronged attack: virtual reality and augmented reality. Heck, the goggles may do both! If the developers can figure out how to power the things, goggles may provide powerful competition for gaming consoles. Though I don’t see any business use for these fancy gizmos, I do see them overpowering the leisure technology user market.

The Folding Galaxy Tab

Samsung has already teased us with folding screen technology. The company isn’t one to sit on a new development until it’s perfect, so I predict a foldable Galaxy Tab to be released sometime in 2018. It’s gonna be cool, not the perfect use of a foldable screen, but the first. I think people will go nuts for it. And who knows how foldable the technology will eventually become?

Office 2019

I probably have the name wrong, because I believe that the next version of Microsoft Office will be called Office 2018. Still, I don’t see it delivered until 2019. This release will mark the final, standalone version of the software. Microsoft will say so, boldly: “This is it, folks! If you want newer versions of Office, you must subscribe to Office 365.” That’s my prediction, anyway.

Microsoft’s Surface Computers will Dominate

For years now, Apple has neglected and therefore ticked off its loyal power user base. I predict that Microsoft’s new Surface computers will draw them in as unlikely fans. This prediction is low-hanging fruit — unless my next prediction comes true:

A Surprising New Mac Pro

Apple has hinted at this one, so it’s not really a prediction. With Johnny Ive back in charge of Apple’s design team, I predict that Apple will finally — after five years — re-introduce a standalone Mac Pro system, complete with expansion slots, powers and capabilities far beyond that of the nifty new iMac Pro. Power users will be thrilled, but not at the price tag. And with Microsoft actively recruiting Apple’s power user fan base, will the late arrival of the Mac Pro be enough?

Out there prediction: Military robots pose a serious threat

I’ve got to side with Elon Musk on this one: Robots and guns don’t mix. The temptation by the military industrial complex as well as every two-bit dictator out there is just too great for mechanized death machines not to appear. They will become a reality and, sadly, we’ll all realize how terrible that is. Hopefully, we’re not too late to stop it.

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