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March 25, 2015

Vertically Aligning a Page

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Aligning a paragraph of text left-to-right is cinchy in Word. The Center command (shortcut Ctrl+E) shoves an equal amount of space to the left and right of a paragraph or a single line of text. If you want that paragraph to be aligned equal distance from the top and bottom of the page, then more work is required.

The official term is vertical alignment. It’s a page-level formatting command, one that I don’t specifically cover in my Word For Dummies books. That’s mostly because page alignment is a fancy document thing, generally reserved for title pages or pages with only a figure or table.

Because vertical alignment is a page-level command you must completely submit yourself to understanding sections and section breaks. That makes this type of formatting a bit too advanced for most folks. So too many people resort to the old crutch of whacking the Enter key a dozen times to line up a document title on the center of page.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

The whole vertical alignment nut is a tough one to crack. To assist your understanding, I crafted a video explanation, included below.

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