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January 1, 2014

High Tech Predictions for 2014

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As the sun dawns upon a new year, it’s time for me to don my festive swami turban and look into the future. What fortune paves the high tech roads in the year 2014?

December 30, 2013

Facebook is Dead and Buried

Filed under: News — admin @ 8:15 am

No, I didn’t say it, but a lot of teenagers are saying it.

One could argue that teenagers, and their older siblings in college, were the entire reason that Facebook existed. Apparently that’s no longer true.

According to the article (link below), most young people use Facebook only to keep in touch with older relatives who only use Facebook. That’s an interesting twist.


The Year in Review: 2013

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Last year about this time, I set down some predictions for high tech in the year 2013. I usually fail miserably at getting even the simplest things right. So how’s my consistency?

December 27, 2013

PorchCam Year In Review: 2013

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It’s time once again for me to peruse the hundreds of images captured by my front-door mounted web cam. Here are the highlights for 2013.

December 25, 2013

Wambooli Holiday Sing-Along

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Many years ago, I was the editor of a local computer magazine in San Diego, California. With an eye toward being festive, I decided to flavor our annual Holiday issue with a bit of mirth and Christmas spirit. So I wrote some songs.

December 24, 2013

Top Android Phones of the Year

Filed under: News — admin @ 6:15 pm

According to Droid Life they are:

1. The Moto X.
2. The Nexus 5.
3. The Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition
4. The LG G2
5. The HTC One

Collect them all!

December 23, 2013

Attaching a Document to a Message

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On a computer it’s easy: To attach a document to an email message, you open the email program then seek to attach a file. That type of thinking doesn’t apply when using a phone or tablet.

December 20, 2013

Bordering on Chaos

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One of Word’s most annoying formats is the paragraph border. Allow me to explain.

December 18, 2013

Android Update Ready?

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Last week I wrote how you can’t force an Android OS update. You can’t even be guaranteed that your phone or tablet will ever see an Android update. That scintilla of truth doesn’t prevent people like me from trying.

December 17, 2013

Google Holiday Singalong

Filed under: News — admin @ 10:19 am

Yet another feature of Google Now was unveiled recently. It’s the “Let’s Go Caroling feature,” which I describe in the video below.


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