December 26, 2018

2018 Year In Review

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The blog has slowed, which is fine by me as blogs are fading from the web scene. Still, I occasionally feel compelled to write something, such as my annual review of my terrible predictions for the tech industry. How did I do?

Prediction: The Year of The Goggles
Result: Failure!

Virtual reality goggles are here, but they aren’t taking over the world. They’re expensive. They require a lot of power (they get hot). So the gizmos have some physical limitations to overcome, but I fear this technology eventually will take hold, just not soon.

Prediction: The Folding Galaxy Tab
Result: Close!

Lots of hints are floating about regarding Samsung’s folding screen technology, including that some Chinese company has apparently stole the technology. Still, no phone. I expect it to be officially announced soon, with a release by summer 2019.

Prediction: Office 2019
Result: Duh.

Yes, it’s called Office 2019, though I thought it might be Office 2018. I don’t know whether it’s the final, standalone version of Office, but such a thing transpiring wouldn’t surprise me.

Prediction: Microsoft’s Surface Computers will Dominate
Result: Nope.

If there is to be a new Surface system for professionals, it hasn’t materialized yet. The Surface tablet remains popular and it’s quite good, but no desktop or “iMac” rival as of yet.

Prediction: A Surprising New Mac Pro
Result: A disappointing nope.

This coming year is time for me to consider replacing my 5-year-old iMac, which is my main production system. As Apple continues to disappoint with its forced annual OS X updates, I’m finding Windows 10 a more viable alternative. I’m not holding out hope for a new, innovative Mac any time soon, but being pleasantly surprised would be good.

Out there prediction: Military robots pose a serious threat
Result: Thank God, no.

The military keeps developing robots that shoot, which should terrify everyone. Hopefully some sanity reigns, but I have more hope for a new Mac Pro than I do that humanity will wise up and stop arming robots.

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