June 15, 2018

A Solution for Your Outline Woes

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Organizing an Outline

I tried for a long time, now I finally have a Microsoft Word/writing course at LinkedIn Learning. I’m quite pleased with the results.

The course topic is outlining, a subject I’m enamored with and something I’ve been doing since early in my writing career. I can’t sell outlining enough, as I believe all good projects require an outline to be created and used. It’s never failed me.

My new course covers all aspects of outlining from organizing, sequencing, to eventually using Microsoft Word to create and craft the outline. I also cover how to solve common outlining issues, how to get “unstuck” in the process, and offer plenty of tools to help everyone — from the lonely writer to the entire creative team — to create the best possible outline.

Check out the course at LinkedIn Learning. You can watch a free preview, otherwise you must subscribe to complete the full training.

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