April 9, 2018

My Latest Course: Android Security

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Learning Android Security

I’m pleased to announce that my latest course from LinkedIn Learning is up and ready for your viewing pleasure: Learning Android Security.

This course covers the hot topic of keeping your mobile devices secure. It covers a lot of ground and touches upon many solid methods to prevent the Bad Guys from compromising your digital life. In fact, I learned a lot while researching the topic.

It’s amazing how people can get lazy with security. Yet, it’s not that difficult to add an extra layer of protection to your Android phone or tablet. In fact, most of the features are activated by default, but users somehow ignore the warnings. Weird.

To view the entire course, you must sign-up for LinkedIn Premium or subscribe to the LinkedIn Learning service — which is well-worth the cost. For a sneak peak at the course, you can click here.

And visit my Training page to see all the courses I currently offer for LinkedIn Learning.

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