April 2, 2018

Dropbox is Still the Best

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You never forget your first time, and my first time saving to the cloud was on Dropbox. I forget who told me about or why I signed up, but I’ve never been disappointed.

Coming in second is the Adobe Creative Cloud, though this service is expensive and part of the Creative Cloud package. Still, it’s as reliable as Dropbox and it’s never let me down.

Moving down the list . . .

Google Drive is okay. I use it a lot, as well as the Google “office” suite, which isn’t the same thing as G-Suite, but close enough.

At the bottom of the list is Microsoft’s OneDrive. It’s slow to synchronize. It has issues working with non-corporate versions of Office. And don’t get me started on how awkward and ill-implemented the SharePoint system is. It’s just amateur hour, especially when you consider how smoothly Dropbox works.

Then again, Google Drive annoys me. Specifically, Google Docs.

I keep my shopping list in a Google Doc. That way, it’s always with me on my phone — but not quite. When I update my shopping list on my computer, the Google Doc app on my phone doesn’t update. I must manually refresh the Google Doc app, which works maybe one time out of ten. This sluggish-to-dead updating occurs whether I’m connected to my home Wi-Fi or out on the road with a mobile data connection.

In fact, the sluggishness of Google Doc’s updating makes me frustrated with the service. Unless I get the current version of the shopping list on my phone before I leave the house, it’s not going to happen. Or, when it does, it’s truly miraculous.

One trick I’ve been trying of late is to delete all local data on the phone related to the Google Docs app. That works sometimes, but not all the time. Most recently, I deleted the local data in a vain attempt to update Google Docs and get at my shopping list, but now the app doesn’t show any Docs at all. It’s completely failed.

Seriously, Google: It would more efficient for me to print out my shopping list and shove it in my pocket than to wait for Google Docs to refresh its presence on my phone. Yes, I know it’s a “free” service. (It’s not really free because Google, like Facebook, spies on you.) But still, how come Dropbox can pull it off but Microsoft and Google can’t? I’m baffled.


  1. DropBox, Well at work we have to use Onedrive everything M$ as we our a 365 shop, however I used it once and it didn’t work syncing issues? Dropbox a little less secure but I can get at everything from my phone!

    Comment by glennp — April 2, 2018 @ 1:03 pm

  2. Due to work, I don’t really use Dropbox that much. I use OneDrive (and the horrid SharePoint) and Google Drive. Weird.

    Comment by admin — April 2, 2018 @ 2:01 pm

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