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March 5, 2018

Android Essential Training 2018

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Android Essential Training course

Recently, the good folks at LinkedIn Learning invited me down to update my Android Essential Training course. It’s just gone public.

The course refreshes and tightens the information presented in the older course, itself an update of an update of the original course, which was done back in 2014. So it’s really current, focusing on Android Oreo, but also the more recent versions of the popular phone operating system. It covers both generic Android as well as Samsung devices.

For this redo, I focused on making the movies tighter and to-the-point. A lot of the movies are tips and tricks, which show you how to do things beyond the basics, though the course covers plenty of basics. And, obviously, as a video presentation it doesn’t get into the depth of Android like my recent title, Android Phones & Tablets For Dummies.

It’s always great to work with the fine crew at Lynda. They do such a superb job. I’m happy with the new course, though I’m disappointed that they used a Samsung phone “skin” for the movies instead of the generic Android skin. This change doesn’t affect the quality of the information, but it looks weird, especially because the Samsung skin is from an older Samsung phone. (Most of the employees are iPhone users, so they probably wouldn’t pick up on this type of booboo.)

You can click here to view a course preview. If you subscribe to LinkedIn Learning, once known as Lynda, you can watch the entire course.

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