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January 4, 2018

My Latest Android For Dummies Book

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Android For Dummies

Months after Android 8.0 “Oreo” became available, my latest Android For Dummies title is released. I just missed Christmas.

For the past several years, I’ve written books specific to various mobile devices, plus general titles, one for Android phones and a second for tablets. The differences between the two types of device is subtle, so both books contained a lot of overlap.

I had proposed combining both titles for a while, and finally the publisher agreed: One title was better than two. The result works out brilliantly: I cover all the necessary material to operate a generic Android device. Plus I add some specifics to various gizmos, such as Samsung’s line of phones and tablets. The book also covers methods of working in older versions of the Android operating system. Such a deal!

As with many of my titles, as the technology becomes more familiar, I’m free to go into more detail on specifics. I’ve gone through this process on all of my titles. For example, PCs For Dummies once had a chapter on how to use a computer mouse. That type of introductory material isn’t required any longer. By removing it, I’m able to provide more tips, tricks, and bonus material for the current crop of technology users.

I still plan on doing some mobile-device specific books in the future. The problem is that the devices have become mundane, so a unique book doesn’t really offer anything extra. Still, I think Samsung is going to grace us with a nifty new tablet soon. I’m definitely going to do a book on that device. In fact, since my Pixel C tablet has died, I’m anticipating that the next Galaxy Whatever will become my primary tablet.

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