December 25, 2017

My 2017 Predictions in Review

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O! Why do I bother? I don’t think I’ve actually predicted anything, other than the correct name of the iPad when it came out. I wasn’t alone on that prediction. Still, the process gives me something to do so. Here’s this past year’s predictions in review:

Prediction: Old School Revival

Result: Nope.

While many people remain nostalgic for some things, high-tech isn’t one of them. Sure, folks enjoy vinyl records. Cassette tapes might find a place in someone’s heart, but “good ‘ol desktop computers” aren’t coming back, not until Intel decides to radically improve processor performance. On the other hand, laptop sales have improved, which I kind-of predicted. I think people realize that if you get a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard, you might as well pay a few more dollars to get the full laptop experience.

Prediction: Apple Continues Its Downward Spiral

Result: Spot-on.

From Apple this year: Nothing, as I predicted. They did release a no-bezel display iPhone, the iPhone X. I predicted as much, though not the name. On the upside, they did come up with an iMac Pro. It’s not expandable, but it does address the power needs of Apple’s core creative users. Still, I see nothing happening now or in the future to rescue Apple from being the uninspired jewelry company it’s become.

Prediction: Foldable Mobile Technology

Result: Almost!

Samsung has pre-announced a folding LCD touchscreen display. So I’m early on this one. Whether any new device with a folding screen is practical or not remains to be seen. Perhaps this is why Samsung is holding off so long on the next Galaxy Tab release?

Prediction: Annual Windows and Office Updates

Result: Not exactly.

Microsoft has incrementally updated Windows, but not Office outside the Office 365 subscription plan. Supposedly Office 2018 is coming out this next year or in 2019. That might be the last one-off release of Office, but in this realm, Microsoft heavily relies upon feedback from their corporate customers. Remember: Many big businesses are still using Office 2010.

Prediction: The Beginning of the End of Cable TV

Result: Yep.

Cable TV is hurting. All the big provides just increased their TV subscription rates, this in the face of declining revenue. They recognize that apps are the wave of the future, ala HBO NOW. The problem is that the long-term contracts signed by various networks (think History Channel and Food Network) are hampering their penetration into the lucrative app marketplace. As these contracts expire, you’ll see the eventual end of Cable TV.

Out-there prediction: None

I played it safe and avoided a political prediction. I am surprised, honestly, that the vitriol has lasted so long. It’s probably not going to go away, and it has no place here on the Wamblog. Beyond that topic, nothing really surprised me this past year — except for the private competition that’s brewing in the space industry. It’s amazing that gazillionaires are fighting over who has the better rocket. I think mankind benefits from this competition, and I hope it continues. It’s been too long that outer space has been boring.


  1. Hmmm the old school revival I think is happening just not to PC’s, in my local part of the UK there is a ‘crazy’ for 8 bit PC’s also one guy has load of very early machines such as a PL-1

    Comment by glennp — December 27, 2017 @ 10:01 am

  2. Is the Acorn due for a comeback? 😀

    Comment by admin — December 27, 2017 @ 1:38 pm

  3. Hmmm Acorn, already has Raspberry Pi , also you can down load a RISC os O/S for it and basicly run a more upto date version of the Acorn Archimedes BBC basic etc. (spelling a bit out, been drinking!) you can’t run Achie software as it uses a previous gen ARM. Which madly stood for Acorn Research Machines renamed Acorn RISC machines renamed Advanced RISC Machines. Also I might have mentioned it before the BBC thing ‘Micro Men’ was on you tube.

    Comment by glennp — December 27, 2017 @ 3:51 pm

  4. That’s pretty cool.

    Comment by admin — December 27, 2017 @ 3:56 pm

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