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August 17, 2017

The Google Memo

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It’s been all over the news, but here’s a reminder: Last week, now-former Googler James Damore penned a thoughtful essay on what diversity means and how it’s applied at the tech giant. For his efforts, he was immediately terminated, showing that diversity is based on superficial attributes and definitely not thought.

Damore is not alt-right wing fascist, but I’m sure plenty of hard core leftists are calling him that now. Welcome to politics in 2017!

The memo, or “manifesto,” made excellent points. Unfortunately, he crossed the line by emphasizing differences, which is taboo on the left.

Yet, consider the possibility that men and women are different and can be treated equally. That takes thought; it’s easier to adopt and adhere to a popular slogan than consider another possibility, which is why Damore was sacked. Men have strengths. Women have strengths. They provide each other with balance.

A person shouldn’t be discriminated against based on their sex, but why not exploit their sex’s strengths instead of forcing them to be like the opposite sex? Google disagreed, which I could have predicted. They did so aggressively by terminating Damore, which had the exact opposite effect they wanted.

Did Damore deserve to be fired? That decision is up to the courts. Laws are on the books to protect workplace activities, and it looks like Google is in violation of those laws. Time will tell, but Google has the right to fire any worker.

Beyond Damore adequately destroying Google’s (and the left’s) arguments about equality in the tech industry, I support his point: Men are good at some things and bad at others. Women just happen to be good at the things men are bad at. Why not celebrate those differences? You think those that claim to be “open minded” and “tolerant” would listen, but as the current political climate has shown, they’re dishonestly not.

Ultimately, the left will have to come to grips with its lunacy. That process takes time. As it goes, however, more of its members, like Damore, will awake to reality. I would enjoy seeing more women in tech, doing what they do best. After all, wouldn’t the world be a better place if each of us could do what we do best to benefit the whole? Isn’t that more important than obeying the politically correct authoritarians who trigger instant outrage at any attempts to disagree with their hallowed dogma?

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