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June 29, 2017

A Nifty Android Onscreen Keyboard Trick

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Oh, I could ramble on about Android “O,” so I will: Apparently it might be dubbed Oatmeal Cookie and not Oreo, as everyone is expecting. That’s a minor thing, however, not worthy of an entire blog post.

No, this week I’m going to write about a nifty keyboard trick I discovered accidentally.

Undocumented features are common in all computer programs. I don’t know whether the features are simply left to be discovered or that they were introduced after the documentation was published. Regardless, users relish discovering these features and, if the user is nice, they share the discovery.

I’m a nice user.

While typing on my Android tablet’s onscreen keyboard, I noticed a trick you can pull with the Shift key: When text is elected, pressing the Shift key changes the text’s case. Tap once to switch to Initial Caps. Tap again to switch to ALL CAPS. Tap again to switch to lowercase. Then tapping the Shift key continues the cycle.

This undocumented trick is similar to the Change Case command in Microsoft Word, though that command is fully documented.

Below you find my Android Tip video that demonstrates the technique.

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