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May 11, 2017

Now I can finally say, “Gookin to Enterprise”

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Of all the Star Trek props, the communicator is my favorite. I have ample proof.

I’m referring to the original series, or TOS, as it’s known to the Trekkies. That communicator has often been compared with today’s flip-phones. Who would have known?

Well, the geniuses behind Star Trek, of course. In fact, recently, they compare both the communicator and Mr. Spock’s tricorder to the modern smartphone. If your Android shot laser beams, it could be a phaser as well.

When I was a lad, I spied in a magazine a company that manufactured replica Star Trek props. They offered several versions, including one with an animated moire pattern, sound effects, and blinking lights. The non-functioning replica communicator was cheapest at $16. So I ordered that one.

It took forever to receive my toy. I probably waited 6 weeks, which is a long time for a geeky teenager. Eventually, the prop arrived. It’s shown on the far left in Figure 1.


Figure 1. From left-to-right: the original replica prop I purchased as a teenager; a realistic toy introduced a few years back; the Bluetooth Communicator from The Wand Company.

The $16 prop was just a wood-and-plastic replica. Just a few years ago, I purchased a realistic toy communicator (and phaser and tricorder). This one, shown in the middle in Figure 1, has blinking lights and sound effects. The little moire speaker also animates.

On the far right in Figure 1 you see my latest communicator. This one is the most expensive, at $150. It’s a Bluetooth speaker/microphone.

Yes, I’m really that geeky.

Not only does the toy feature authentic (and good quality) voices from the show, sound effects (the flip-top chirp), and blinking lights, it connects wirelessly to your Android phone. When my phone rings, the communicator goes beep, and I can flip up the lid and chat — just like Captain Kirk!

I’m so flush with fan geekiness right now!

The communicator is entirely wireless. It uses a base to charge. I’d like to equip it with some velcro to attach to my belt, which is the only thing missing out of the box; a pouch is available, but it doesn’t include loops or hooks to make it practical.

Here is the link to Amazon where I purchased the communicator, should your geekiness overwhelm you and you decide to forgo half a car payment to get one for yourself:

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