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May 1, 2017

A New Venture Begins Today!

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Today marks the official launch of my new YouTube channel. Starting today and every weekday hence, I’m uploading a video. The first collection consists of tips on using Microsoft Word. Later videos will expand to other topics.

My old YouTube channel was simply a collection of videos I uploaded, both work and personal. I dumped all those old videos to clarify the channel’s new purpose: It now provides direct support to my books in the form of four 60-second tips a week, plus one bonus tip.

To ensure that I wouldn’t flake off (as I’m sure you’ve experienced with other YouTube channels), I’ve already produced a host of the videos. For the past two weeks, I’ve been uploading one a day as practice. I have many more waiting in the bin. My goal is to provide solid content on a regular basis and cultivate a good-sized subscriber base.

As with my books, I want the videos to be entertaining and informative. That’s not easy to accomplish in under 60 seconds, but I’m pretty adamant about sticking to that length. That’s because I’ve been watching videos recently and I find the shorter ones are more appealing.

My observation is that most YouTube videos accomplish their task in only a few minutes. Still, they have long lead-ins (“Hey guys…!”) or a long tag (“Like and subscribe…”), which gets old after a while. I figure most people skip it, so I wanted to be concise.

Again: concise, informative, entertaining. These are the trademarks of my books, so I’m hoping that translates well to the videos.

To help keep things interesting, I’ve been studying video effects and animation. I’m using this software to generate graphics for the videos. My goal is to augment the presentation and not just throw around effects for amusement. In fact, not every movie has fancy graphics.

I’ll keep posting videos for the next several months, so you can (here I go) check out the channel, like, and subscribe. YouTube sends you a notification for each new video, and it takes only a minute from your day to watch — plus you’ll learn something!

Future videos will cover the general topic of PCs and Windows, plus buying computers and other topics presented here on Wambooli. I’m also going to cover some Adobe stuff as well, seeing how I’ve become more versed in the Adobe planet.

Alas, I can’t do YouTube videos on Android as my contract with LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) prevents that. Because I’ve done tutorials for them on Troubleshooting your PC, that topic won’t be covered on my YouTube channel. Everything else, however, is wide open!

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