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February 16, 2017

Another Keyboard to Lust For

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I’ve written about my keyboard obsession many times. Yes, I pay more to have a fully-mechanical keyboard for my computers. Being a fan of the old typewriter, I enjoy typing and want a keyboard that respects my preferences. But am I willing to pay $280 for my latest crush: The QWERKYWRITER?

Imagine my excitement and, yes, lust when I beheld the QWERKYWRITER for the first time! Figure 1 is keyboard porn as far as I’m concerned.

Figure 1. The QUERKYWRITER uses keycaps similar to my 1909 Underwood typewriter.
(Click to embiggen.)

Did I even mention that I’m also a steampunk fan? My old 1909 Underwood typewriter that I have on my desk is a great example of what I consider to be original steampunk. It’s all mechanical, full of metal and gears, and is delightful to look at. It’s almost as if the manufacturer of the QWERKYWRITER pried open my head and saw what I really wanted and created the device just for me!

Now I’ll calm down.

The QWERKYWRITER is a mechanical keyboard. It’s wireless, using Bluetooth technology. So you can set a tablet right on top the keyboard. The keyboard’s size makes me believe that it’s not really portable, but how would that stop me? And I could use it on my Mac, no problem, as the Mac has built-in Bluetooth. My PC has a Bluetooth dongle, so I can use it there as well.

See how I’m convincing myself to buy the thing? That’s how my brain works.

Yet, I haven’t purchased the QWERKYWRITER. I’m surprised that I haven’t. It’s odd that I don’t spend my days peering out from my shutters waiting in earnest for the UPS man. I just can’t justify the cost.

My DasKeyboard keyboards were pricey at $110. My son’s light-up LED gaming keyboard was $150. So spending top-dollar for a keyboard is within the realm of possibilities. The problem is that I really don’t need. I want it.

I just clicked the Order Now button on the QWERKYWRITER website. The $279 price is apparently a discount from the full retail price of $349. Gadzooks! That’s more than half the price of a good Android tablet.

If I order one, I’ll write another post about it. Until then, I’m safe to compose this post and contain my drool. How long this situation lasts is anyone’s guess.

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