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December 27, 2016

Predictions 2016 Results

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Once again, I turn back the calendar pages of the past year to reflect upon my abysmal annual predictions. The good news is that I’m consistently awful at predicting the future.

Prediction: Tablets Excite Few
Result: Meh

I’m not giving myself any credit for this prediction. The entire tech industry is exciting no one. Not hardware. Not software. Niente.

Tablets are doing okay, and I do believe that people are catching on that a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard is pretty much a laptop without the power and capability, so laptops are coming back.

I wrote: “I don’t see the larger-format tablets taking off.” And they didn’t, mostly because they’re expensive and, again, professionals want a keyboard and power. Look at the disappointment over the latest MacBook Pro line and you’ll see how fussy those folks can be.

Prediction: The 2-in-1 PC Model Rules
Result: Nope

The real prediction here, which would have shown that I’m actually capable of peering into a crystal ball, would be if I saw the Microsoft Surface Pro coming. That new PC isn’t a 2-in-1, but it’s pretty cool. With the right software, the Surface Pro can give apple a run for its money.

I wrote: “As a tangential prediction, I see Apple introducing their first 2-in-1 MacBook in the next year.”

Nope, didn’t happen. I blogged a while back about Apple’s dismal performance. I expect that trend to continue.

Prediction: Office 2016: The Final Edition
Result: Not happening

I’ve heard no rumors about the next version of Office. Microsoft has been incrementally updating my copy of Word 2016 via my Office 365 subscription. My guess is that they’ll come up with new, annual versions that are still available for individual purchase. And they’ll keep with the annual numbering scheme. I expect the next release of Windows 10 to be dubbed the “2017” edition or something silly like that.

Prediction: The Apple Watch II
Result: LOL

Did Apple come out with a next generation watch? Did anyone care?

Prediction: Facebook Becomes MySpace
Result: Wrong

No, Facebook became “fake news” headquarters, as the traditional media realized they can’t compete with people who can easily share bogus information via click-and-a-post.

Prediction: The Next President of the United States Will Be Hillary Clinton.
Result: OMG

On election night, my jaw dropped. At about 7:00 PM EST it became obvious that Donald Trump had pulled an upset — which makes sense because he’d been doing that for months. Still, like a lot of people, I figured Hillary was going to win. She did not.

I won’t comment politically because I could go on and on. I voted for neither Clinton nor Trump. I don’t believe the country would go to hell either way. The ship of state is too large to turn in any specific direction. Still, Trump is interesting, so it looks like 2017 will be a fun year.


  1. Quote of the month “Trump is interesting, so it looks like 2017 will be a fun year.”, Mmmm the UK leaving Europe, Trump in the White House, Four men on Horses…

    Comment by glennp — December 27, 2016 @ 4:31 am

  2. I don’t think it will be that bad. Trump or Clinton, pretty much the same things are going to happen. The upset is on the left this time, on the right, but the wars will continue. The 1% keeps getting richer. Etc. “Meet the new boss…”

    Comment by admin — December 27, 2016 @ 7:33 am

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