October 11, 2016

More Online Training

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My latest online training video has gone live at LinkedIn/Lynda. This new course covers PC maintenance with Windows 10, which is a hot topic. Well, seriously, PC maintenance will always be a hot topic because the suckers keep on screwing up!

Since my last online training video was made, the company Lynda was purchased by LinkedIn. This caused a visual change at the organization, as all the Lynda logos and whatnot has changed into LinkedIn stuff. And some of the new items are an improvement, such as the delightful free-snack area shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Free food, courtesy of LinkedIn. Gotta keep the troops happy.

Figure 1. Free food, courtesy of LinkedIn. Gotta keep the troops happy.

Lynda had snack trays, but the array of stuff available at the break center (one in each building) is pretty impressive. Thank you, LinkedIn overlords. Plus they have hot beverages, such as my favorite Throat Coat, which really helps me blab it up all day as I record the training videos.

In case you didn’t know, LinkedIn (neé Lynda) offers online training. The service is a subscription, but for your monthly fee you get access to the entire library. And the library is huge.

Lynda began about 16 years ago with training videos for computer graphics. They expanded into other areas, offering online technology training on a variety of topics.

My first course was on Android. Then I did more Android courses and eventually C programming courses. My recent list of courses cover more PC technology, troubleshooting, file management, and so on. I plan on doing even more courses in the future.

The online training method is quite effective, especially for people who don’t have time to wade into a book or for topics where a book doesn’t really work well. I’ve enjoyed several courses and quickly picked up a few technology tricks.

Presently, the goal is to expand the training library into other areas. Obviously their purchase by LinkedIn means you’ll see more office and business titles. I hear they plan on doing other training as well. During my last visit, I joked about a course on fixing lawn sprinklers and the people I was with could see such a course in the future.

The goal for LinkedIn/Lynda is to create the ultimate knowledge resource on the Internet. Sure, YouTube videos are free and easy to find, but the quality is lacking and presentations are inconsistent. With LinkedIn/Lynda you get professional video production, quality authors, and a top-flight course. That’s why I’m pleased to be associated with them.

I’ll let you know when future courses are released. You can watch a few chapters free if you don’t subscribe, but I believe that you’ll eventually find the subscription worthy.

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