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May 16, 2016

Some Android Questions

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I enjoy feedback from readers because it helps me improve future editions of my books. So I don’t mind answering email questions, or even sharing the questions and answers on this blog.

Q: Before I downloaded the latest version of Android operating system, it was easy to move an App to SD Storage card by Settings – Apps – select desired App – “Move to SD card”. Now this last option no longer appears on screen. Now how do I move an App to SD card?

A: One of two things might be happening. First, the SD card could be full. That’s a possibility. More likely, however, is that Google just doesn’t want you to move the apps any more.

Moving apps to the SD Card was a trick that appeared on and off over several versions of Android. Even if your phone or tablet features an SD Card, which is rare these days, the capability to move apps appears to be disabled or simply not there.

When I played with the Move to SD Card feature, I found it interesting and could see why people would want to do it: It saves space on the device’s primary storage. The problem is that it’s really more trouble than it was worth. If you removed the SD card, then you’d lose icons and it would cause all sorts of havoc. So after experimenting with the feature, I didn’t use it.

If your Android features an SD card, then most media is automatically placed on that card. This list include pictures, music, and other downloads. They’re all sent to removable storage by default. Apps? Not any more.

Q: Is there any easy method of deleting all or a group of emails (in email App) other than tapping on each individual message?

A: Nope.

Mobile devices have taken over email for many people. I use my phone and tablet to read email, but seldom to reply. Mostly because the SMTP server settings for mobile devices are way too flakey. More importantly, I view the mobile devices as convenient and not true replacements for a laptop or desktop computer.

In the future, I can see how the email interface may improve, especially given that so many people do use their Android as their primary email device. But for now, no other method exists to mass-delete emails other than tap-tap-tap, delete.

Q: In the status bar, what is the meaning of “H” and “H+”?

A: These are mobile data network symbols. I believe AT&T devices use them.

The H is an abbreviation for the HSPA network. H+ is an improved version of that network. The icons represent the mobile data network connection and also the speed. HSPA (H) is roughly 3G speed; H+ is 4G.

Some phones instead show the 4G and 3G symbols for their mobile data connection, but many phones stopped sticking that icon on the Status Bar. My guess is that they’ll all stop doing so in the future, especially as new mobile data standards are added.

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