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April 11, 2016

Changes at the Google Play Store

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Don’t worry about my Android For Dummies books being out-of-date on a few topics; Google changes things almost as soon as I write about them. Case in point: As I’m writing this post, the icons for the “Play” apps have changed.

Google Play store has updated since the Android For Dummies books were published last year. I wrote about the changes last February (blog post). Google is working diligently to continue to improve the Android platform, so such changes are part of the process. And, naturally, the changes are done electronically and my books are not. So the books are out of date. Again. But that’s why I write these blog posts, to help keep you current with whatever is new.

The latest change to Android may not be major, but it’s noticeable: The icons for the Play apps have been updated. The goal is to make the look more consistent. As someone who uses many apps, I would find that change refreshing.

Figure 1 lists some the old and new app icons so you can get an idea of what changes are coming.

Figure 1. Old icons on the top, new icons on the bottom.

Figure 1. Old icons on the top, new icons on the bottom.

Together, the icons create the motif of “Google Play,” which is the prefix to all the app names anyhow. I like the new look and appreciate the consistency.

As usual, keep checking my blog here on Wambooli for additional Android updates. The Android Marshmallow (6.0) update keeps rolling out to various devices. This change is new; in the past few devices updated to the latest version of Android. Still, since Android KitKat (4.0), the changes have been subtle.

If you need up-to-date info on the various Apps, check out my eBook: Android Apps A-to-Z, which is available at Amazon:

Next up to bat is Android N, which doesn’t have a sweet name as of yet. The wags on the Internet are claiming it will be Android Nutella. I’m okay with that, but they also thought Android K would be Key Lime Pie and it ended up being KitKat. So who knows?

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