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April 1, 2016

Don’t Bother with Samsung Registration

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This is not an “April Fools” post. It should be. I’d love to strongly urge you to register your tablet or phone with Samsung and reap all the rewards. It would be a cruel joke because registering your produce with Samsung is a joke. So it’s not just a one-day-a-year thing.

The warranty on most technology is 90 days or more, though sometimes it’s 60 days. The reason you want a warranty is in case you buy a dud; you want another one.

Yes, with a phone or tablet, you want another one. These things cannot be repaired, no matter how much someone lies to you.

Odds are good that if you go back to the vendor with your receipt, they’ll honor the warranty. The only place that probably won’t happen is CostCo or some other outfit where selling electronics is not their first duty. In that case, you have to send off to replace the dud. Still, at a phone store or Best Buy, they’ll probably exchange a mobile gizmo for you. That’s my guess.

So why fill out the Samsung warranty thing? One reason: Because you want to be on their email list forever.

Oh, sure: They tell you that you can use a bunch of Samsung services and such. Trust me: You don’t need ’em.

Samsung makes great stuff. Their phones and tablets are top-notch. Their software, however, is random and haphazard. They come up with great ideas, then Samsung abandons those ideas like candy wrappers at a roadside rest stop.

Now comes the time that I recall the money I lost subscribing to the Samsung Media Hub. I paid for two movies. I figured that I’d own them forever. Not so. And that experience has enriched me in ways far beyond the $40 I lost on the films: I now know never to trust any Samsung subscriptions. Therefore, I refuse to register, sign-up, or submit to them in any way.

What do you miss by not signing up? Nothing.

The Android library is rich and diverse, thanks to Google not Samsung. You can use the same or similar apps that Samsung offers, but without the ordeal of trying to setup a Samsung account or register your device. Yep: You’re good to go!


  1. I was looking at tablets for a friend who lives in the US, and was amazed that it was possible to buy a new one with a measly 90 day warranty, and how generally consumer unfriendly warranties and things are there.

    Here in Australia, retailers can’t send you to the manufacturer and vice versa and they have to provide a warranty that lasts as long as a reasonable person would expect the thing to last for – there was a big mess a few years back when phone carriers were providing and subsidizing phones on two year plans but only providing a year of warranty.

    Comment by Douglas — April 7, 2016 @ 8:35 am

  2. I believe it’s Australia’s successful suppression of litigious lawyers that has given you a longer warranty. People over here are happy to sue.

    Comment by admin — April 7, 2016 @ 8:58 am

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