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January 27, 2016

Windows 10 Tiles to Drive You Mad

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Windows 10 didn’t kill off the Windows 8 tile-based Start Screen. Instead, it plastered those tiles onto the right side of the Start menu. I assume most people ignore those tiles. I know that office IT professionals would like to get rid of the tiles. Here’s how.

Right-click any tile you want to remove. That’s probably all of them, but you have to process each tile one at a time: Right-click, then choose Un-Pin from Start, as shown in Figure 1. The tile is gone.

Figure 1. Removing those annoying tiles.

Figure 1. Removing those annoying tiles.

Removing tiles is satisfying, but only briefly. They do return. Any time you update Windows, or the Microsoft Store feels like you need some worthless app, tiles re-appear. You’ll have to remove them again, one at a time.

I know of no permanent method to shut down the tile part of the Start menu. I really wish it were an option, but I fear that Microsoft is trying to push their hokey App Store and part of the promises that they make to developers (or for a few) is that their app tile appears on every user’s Start menu. That’s probably the truth.

Anyway, the dumb tiles are with us for a while. I removed the annoying ones, the ones that keep flashing updated information and those for apps I don’t use. But, honestly, I’ve never clicked on a tile. I just ignore that part of the Start menu.

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