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December 23, 2015

My Bluetooth Headset

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I enjoy computing on the road, taking my laptop to a café or coffee shop. The problem I frequently have is the noise. To combat that issue, I’ve invested in a wireless, noise-canceling headset.

The model I chose is the BÖHM wireless bluetooth headset with noise-canceling thing. Amazon link below.

One of the downsides of ordering headphones online is that I really like a good fit. The BÖHM headphones don’t fit over my ears as well as my gaming headphones, but they do the job.

First, the noise canceling: It works! It doesn’t eliminate everything, but it does make the noise more tolerable.

Second, the Bluetooth connection works well with my phone. I was able to sit and work while listening to Jazz Radio on my Android phone. It came through brilliantly, even while the noise reduction switch was active.

Third, the BÖHM comes with a cable, so you can use it when the headset’s battery dies. The cable also has a microphone, which means you can use the headset to talk on the phone, although that’s not a wireless capability.

The only downside to the BÖHM is the battery life. It’s weak. I have to charge the phone for at least a couple of hours before I go out on the road. The noise-canceling feature doesn’t do in the battery, but the Bluetooth radio does. I was able to listen to only about an hour’s worth of music at the coffee shop before the headset started beeping. The instructions don’t describe what the beeping means, though I believe it’s the headset complaining about a low battery.

Overall, I’m pleased with the headset and hope that it lasts a good long time. I’ll be eager to try it out on an airplane flight: Though the ambient drone in an jet cabin doesn’t bother me, I’m interested in seeing how well the noise-canceling feature works.

Figure 1. My BÖHM Bluetooth, noise-canceling headset.

Figure 1. My BÖHM Bluetooth, noise-canceling headset.

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