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September 7, 2015

Android Porn Ransomware Warning

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I had my doubts about publishing this post because the Ransomware is a pretty deliberate thing you need to install on your phone or tablet. Yet, the risk exists and people are getting infected.

Here are the “ifs” involved should you be exposed to this risk:

If you’re into porn and
If you decide to install a porn app on your Android and
If you visit a website other than Google Play to install that app and
If you deliberately enable the Install From Other Sources setting (which is normally off) and
If you ignore the warning about installing from other sources and
If you still proceed with the download and
If you run the app, your phone or tablet runs the risk of infection.

The Ransomware appears as a message: Pay up to unlock your Android. Restarting the device doesn’t work. You can’t do squat unless you pay the fee, which according to the article is $500.

My guess is only a few dupes will be foolhardy enough to obtain such an app. And, yes, in my book I warn against obtaining porn apps.

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