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May 20, 2015

None of This is Real

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The more scientists scrutinize the universe, the more frequently the theory arises. That is, our existence is a simulation running in some other universe — just like in the Matrix movies.

Of course, my thought is that the claim we’re existing in a computer simulation is simply an easy excuse to justify something more difficult to prove. It’s easy for a physicist to toss up his arms and say, “All this nonsense is just a simulation” as opposed to doing the math and the research necessary to explain everything.

Or maybe the point isn’t to understand and explain everything but simply to exist?

Moving from science to religion, most major religions teach that this world is home to our mortal life. An infinite life exists elsewhere, such as the afterlife. That’s a nice, simple, and safe theory. And it holds water as long as no one who’s been dead for a significant amount of time returns to explain otherwise.

For me, the world is far too ridiculous a place to justify itself as anything remotely resembling reality.

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