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March 16, 2015

How to Blow $10,000 in Six Months

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If you’ve ever adopted any of Apple’s early technologies, then you know the story: You pay a premium to be the first. Then after six months or a year, you discover that you’ve been a fool. I’ve been there.

I wasn’t first in line, but I did buy an original iPhone. Paid $600 for it. Then five months later, they introduced a newer, better, cheaper iPhone. I felt like a schmuck.

Others have had the same issue: You buy the first iPod, iPad, iMac, whatever. Then, a few months or a year later, you discover that the newer, better, cheaper, faster i-Whatever was in the works all along.

Apple fanbots don’t mind. They buy the new whatever no matter what. But with the Apple Watch, a new consumer is being catered to: The one percenters.

What do you think will happen when some yacht owner forks over $10,000 — or more — for the Apple Watch Edition only to find out they’ve been duped, and a newer, better watch is suddenly on the market?


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