January 13, 2015

The Beginning of the End of Windows 7

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Windows 7 was done when it was released. Sure, Microsoft provides updates, service packs, and patches — whatever you want to call them. This past Monday (1/12/15) marked the last day for “mainstream” service updates for the operating system, a first sign that Windows 7 is quietly being shown the door.

Don’t freak out!

Obviously, more people use Windows 7 than use Windows 8. Along with Windows XP, it remains Microsoft’s most popular current version of the operating system. As with all old software, support eventually has to wind down. The first step is to end mainstream support, which usually means minor patches and phone support. Microsoft will continue to provide security patches, as necessary.

And, of course, Windows 7 will continue to remain popular as millions of users wait to gauge the suck factor of Windows 10.

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