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January 4, 2015

It’s CES Time

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Back when I was a kid, COMDEX was the big show. Today it’s the Consumer Electronics Show, CES, held at the same venues in Las Vegas as the old COMDEX. So what’s coming up? Lots of fun toys!

As a curious aside, the guy behind the original COMDEX show went on to buy the Sands hotel, tore it down, and built the Venetian. That was a great way to parlay funds from the computer biz into a long term capital-generating interest. His name is Sheldon Adelson and today he’s worth over $36 billion.

Anyway, back to CES.

The 4K TVs are coming. Never mind that you can’t really get anything that takes advantage of that resolution, although stuff should be coming quickly. Remember when huge-screen TVs were $10,000 and now they cost much less? The same thing will happen to 4K TV. So don’t throw out your current television any time soon.

Robotics is in the air. I don’t know if the trend will take off this year or not, but coupled with your typical robot are lots of smart technologies, including self-driving cars. This trend is simply a portent of the coming robotic revolution where our mechanical servants overthrow their masters. Enjoy these years while you can.

While 3D printers are new, the prices are dropping. Eventually you will have a 3D printer in your home. You’ll use to produce small, necessary items. Some point in the future I’ll recommend buying a 3D printer. That’s before they become licensed. Remember that freedom of the press is covered by the Constitution. That right may not extend to printing things instead of words.


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