December 31, 2014

Screwy Predictions for Tech Year 2015

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In keeping with years of tradition, here are my completely unreliable predictions for what marvels of technology are set to be beheld in the upcoming year, 2015.

First, let’s all say, “Twenty fifteen.” I’m growing weary of people who mouth, “Two thousand and fifteen.”

Please! It’s been 15 years since 2000. And I forgave everyone for saying “Two thousand and one” (as in A Space Odyssey) and forward for 10 years. But at 2010, English speaking humans still blather, “Two thousand and ten.” I hope this trend ends soon.

On to the predictions!

Large Format Tablets

This stale prediction from last year is pretty much a gift to myself in 12 months. That’s because word on the street is that a prototype 12-inch iPad is poised for unveiling. I’m going to take it up a notch and predict 15-inch tablets as well — and eventually quite large format tablets.

Consider the history of computer monitors. Back in the 1980s, a 15-inch monitor was colossal. Then came 19-inch CRTs — monsters! Today, you have to special order anything smaller than a 21-inch monitor.

With tablets rapidly replacing PCs, the 18-inch or 22-inch tablet — complete with kick stand — will eventually be the norm.

Windows 10 Proves Popular

I just hope to impart some good will upon Microsoft, which has had the crap beat out of it for nearly a decade now, and rightfully so.

The fact remains that Microsoft is like an Oldsmobile; it’s your father’s software company. It ain’t cool. Despite being about as old as Apple, Microsoft will never be beloved. So I hope that Windows 10 is popular and catches on.

Online Subscription Software Also Proves Popular

Software needs updates. The problems are distribution and how to pay for it.

The mobile model adopted by Google and Apple provide free updates. Computers, however, lag behind. Even when you download software, it must be purchased and updated as a deliberate process, but I predict that change is coming.

Adobe now offers a subscription service for their creative software suite. (I’ll most likely adopt that upgrade plan sometime this year.) Following Adobe’s lead, I predict Microsoft will offer an Office Eternal Version: Free updates for as long as you pay the fee — plus cloud access for everything. The business community may warm up to the idea.

More Cyber Attacks

I finally saw The Interview. Meh. I did laugh at some of the jokes, but I’m glad I paid only $14.99 to own it as opposed to paying $10.50 per person to see it once at the theater. Was it worth the cyber attack? Nope, but that doesn’t mean such attacks will grow more common.

The digital realm is the 21st Century’s battlefield. North Korea — and the U.S. and Israel and a bunch of other countries — have been launching cyber attacks for a long time now. Eventually it will get nasty, especially as people become more and more dependent on the Internet. Speaking of which:

2015: The Final Year of the “Old Internet”

The Internet as you know it will end soon. The Big Media Corporations want it gone because they lose millions (if not billions) to piracy. They want the government to throttle down access — and that will happen because your government is owned by the rich and their corporations.

The cyber attacks will prove to be a Reichstag moment, prompting government to limit the Internet in the name of national security. It will happen so smoothly that most people will support the move. Then they’ll only wake up and realize what they’re missing once it’s all over.

While this prediction may not happen in 2015, it will most likely happen eventually. Wild and free things like to be tamed by government. The history of humanity demonstrates this truth. Time will tell when.

Enjoy your 2015!

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