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December 29, 2014

My 2014 Prediction Recap

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Every year I go off and make a few predictions for what’s up in the world of tech. And just about every year I get about 20 percent of them correct. How did I do this year? Am I truly clairvoyant?


Here’s the rundown:

Apple TV

I should just stop predicting that Apple will eventually produce its own television set. They probably never will.

The Apple Watch? yes! I could have predicted that, but I didn’t. I keep believing that Apple will produce a better TV set for us all. Actually, what we all really need is a better TV controller. That was my prediction. I bombed this one.

Bigger Tablets

Didn’t happen. Talk fills the air about a larger iPad. Samsung supposedly came out with a larger tablet, but I’ve never seen it. Why are the manufacturers missing the boat on this one? Or perhaps I’m just a year too early?

Bigger iPhone

Nailed it.

The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple’s bigger-than-your-front-pocket phone. It’s huge.

I know some people who have them and love them. The general consumer, however, isn’t turned-on by the Plus. Sales of that phone versus the standard-sized iPhone 6 are dismal. The numbers are still good, and I’m sure Apple is pleased, but the 6 Plus isn’t selling as well as the Galaxy Note line of phones.

And of course, “Bendgate” happened.

Super Huge Samsung Galaxy Universe Phone

Thank goodness Samsung isn’t that stupid.

Windows and Office Something

Here’s what I wrote:

I believe Microsoft will toss out a new version of Windows next year. This is another “out there” prediction, but it could happen. Windows 8 is just so awful that I believe a Windows 9 or a “Windows Will You Forgive Us” version is already in the oven at Microsoft’s binary kitchen. This new version of Windows will be more traditional and focus on speed as opposed to a new interface.

Nailed it! Except, the version number is Windows 10. I don’t think anyone would have predicted that.

The second half of this prediction is about a new Office, and supposedly a beta is out for that version, although I’ve not seen a copy. So I nailed that as well.

Coming up Wednesday: My screwy predictions for Tech Year 2015!


  1. Windows “Will You Forgive Us” like it, one thing why are they calling it ten? nine made sense (unless 8.1 was nine? now there’s a theory!), Win 10 look & feel like XP with the speed of 8?, if they do that they will have to do something really evil to ensure people upgrade to 11 or 13 or what ever they call it.

    Comment by glennp — December 29, 2014 @ 2:33 am

  2. The rumor is that the text “Windows 9” could match versions “Windows 95” and “Windows 98.” That might make sense to a non-programmer, but coders generally use a Windows Version system call and not a text comparison. Regardless, that’s one excuse I heard.

    Comment by admin — December 29, 2014 @ 7:51 am

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