December 24, 2014

King of the Media Cards

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It’s been almost a year since I wrote about the various media card formats. Over time, one of the 19 potential formats has come out on top. I knew one would, because that’s how manufacturers and consumers eventually, organically work. The question is, which one?



The answer is the Secure Ditigal or SD card.

I am no master of the technological realm, so my dubbing of the SD card as Card Keisar isn’t by any means official. And as far as I know, the International Institute for Declaring Official Media Card Royalty doesn’t exist. So I’m free to pontificate.

Click here to read my original blog post. Or just click the link and witness the eight images I created to represent the different media card sizes and formats. It’s madness!

As a technology writer, I purchased each of those formats. I have one of those 19-in-one card readers. I used all 19 of the combinations as research for the blog post, as well as for writing my various books. That’s about the only time I’ve used those media cards.

Today, the only media card I use is the SD card.

Android gizmos that feature removable storage use the Micro SD card. (Even the internal storage is a Micro SD card, although you can’t get at that card without disassembling the device.) While it’s a different format, it’s still an SD card. In fact, most of the Micro SD cards come with a full-sized SD card adapter or USB plug-in thingie.

So forget all those other standards! Almost 20 years after the floppy drive began its final curtain call, the SD Card gets the crown.

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