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July 22, 2013

Such a Simple Ordeal

Filed under: Main — admin @ 12:01 am

100px-MountainLionHero What would have normally been a typical update turned into a hectic chain of updates, upgrades, delays, and frustration. It’s an old tune I’ve sung many times, but with new lyrics.

It all began with my over-taxed router. At over 8 years old, it was really crushing under the strain of all the various gizmos, phones, tablets, wireless and wired PCs, etc. So I decided to replace it with Apple’s new Airport Extreme 802.11ac, a squat little thing that would resolve a number of issues.


Monday, 9:00 AM. The Airport Extreme arrives. I must confess, Apple does a sweet job with their packaging. It’s a thrill to unbox their hardware.

9:06. I disconnect the old router and connect the new Airport Express.

9:15. Hmmm. I can’t program the new router because Apple’s AirPort Express utility is out of date. An update must be downloaded from Apple’s web site. But wait! I don’t have Internet access because I disconnected the old router.

9:18. I re-connect the old router.

9:22. The new AirPort Express utility won’t install on my Mac because OS X is too old. I have Snow Leopard. The upgrade wants something newer, which ticks me off because I don’t upgrade operating systems. Snow Leopard is what I consider to be the last decent OS X version. I do not want Mountain Lion.

9:35. With heaving reluctance, I visit the App Store. It’s been so long that I must verify my Apple ID.

9:50. After re-verifying a dozen times, I finally check my inbox. There’s the confirmation message! I open it and click the link to prove to Apple that I am, in fact, Dan Gookin. That’s me. Yessir.

9:30. OS X 10.8.4 is downloading.

11:30. OS X is fully installed. Now I have to update a bunch of other software. The system is running molasses slow. The Mail program is re-indexing my massive archive of email. Some startup programs beg to download new versions.

12:15. Two restarts later, OS X 10.8.4 looks like it’s finally up. I’ll later blog about what I hate, but I finally install the Airport Express utility upgrade. More downloading. More waiting.

12:20. The new router is up and running, but the Internet isn’t. I have to restart the entire network.

12:25. The Internet is up, but the wired computers can’t access it. Thus begins some massive tweaking of IP addresses, port forwarding, and other immortal nonsense.

12:40. The Wambooli PorchCam is offline. More network tuning and tweaking.

12:56. I think everything on my Mac is working fine. But:

Tuesday. Parallels, the Windows emulator for the Mac, doesn’t work. I need to re-install it. Fortunately, that process goes smoothly and I get all my stuff back.

Thursday. I can’t run gcc on the command line. My version of Xcode is quite old, so I download the new version. gcc still doesn’t work. I install the command line tools from Xcode. gcc still doesn’t work. While plowing through the various folders, I see that the older version of Xcode didn’t uninstall. So I just – against my own advice – delete the /Developer folder. All of it. That did the trick, gcc now works.

Did I mention how much I dislike upgrading operating systems?


  1. About 5 years ago I bought an Hp Pavillion M 3200N. $900 smackers I spent on this sucker and I thought I had it all. Multimedia outlets with 5 different memory card slots and that all new OS Vista.
    Much to my surprise I HATED vista with all my heart. So one day I decided to reconvert the whole system back to XP.
    Two days later and no less then 22 hours of non stop configs I had reinstalled all but ONE driver. This was a everything in one motherboard and it had been default set so that the ONLY driver that could allow me access to the Internet was one for x64 version of Vista and no other Xp driver would work.
    So I had to go buy a Vista upgrade pack to take my now perfect version of XP and re upgrade the whole thing just so I could access the internet.
    I still whimper some times as I look at that computer now in chunks on the floor due to a blown motherboard. Never again Vista (shakes fist) my new self made computer will be Windows 7. So Dan I feel your pain sir.

    Comment by Keith Johnston — July 22, 2013 @ 4:16 pm

  2. It’s often easier just to buy a new computer than to upgrade (or downgrade) an operating system.

    Comment by admin — July 22, 2013 @ 4:25 pm

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