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February 5, 2013

I Remember Owning Dell

Filed under: News — admin @ 9:20 am

Well, not the whole company, but I have owned Dell Computer stock from time to time. Seems those days will always be a memory; Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell will be taking the multi-billion dollar company private according to the article linked below.

The first new PC I bought was a Dell 386. (I owned a used IBM PC before then.) I remember the day it came! A huge box! That was fun. Then I bought a Dell 360i Laptop, that I still have. I’m not sure if it works, though that may be a project for later today. I also bought Dell stock and rode it up for a nice run.

Back in the early 1990s I did some shilling for Dell. I attended “media training” for a spell, then they flew me to New York City for a media tour. I forget how many radio and TV shows I was on, pushing Dell’s Technology for Technophobes initiative. They wanted me to do more, but I declined.

My current gaming system is a Dell, albeit it’s probably the oldest PC in the office. I’m not sure what Dell’s move does financially, other than at one time, owning and profiting from Dell Computer stock was a fairly popular thing. Not so anymore.


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