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December 28, 2012

The Year In Review: 2012

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Time to look back at my silly ol’ predictions for the year 2012. How did I do?

Predictions That Didn’t Take Any Clairvoyance

iPhone 5? Yes!
Windows 8? Yes!
iPad 3? Well, they didn’t call it the “3” but it’s the 3. Yes!
iPad 3 retina display? Yes!
iPad 3 USB port? No.
iPhone 5 new design? Yes. It’s bigger.
iPhone 5 4G? Meh.
Windows 8 by the summer? Nope.
Windows 8 called Windows 8? Yep.
Office 2012? Nope, but Office 13 is in RTM right now, meaning it could appear any day.
Office 2012 touchscreen design? Sorta.

More substantial, risky predictions

Apple TV

Nope. Apparently they’re still working on it.

The key to Apple TV is going to be the interface. We need something better than the traditional TV remote. Apple would be ideal to deliver it. No word on that yet.

Touchscreen Monitors and Touchpads

Yep. I see plenty of 10-point Multi-touch monitors out there. That’s ideal for running Windows 8. Touchpads? Haven’t seen them. I’ll probably have to wait until people’s arms get really tired.

By the way, I attempted to hook up Apple’s touchpad to my Windows 8 laptop. Didn’t work.

No word on any X-box like Kinnect technology for Windows 8, either.

Bigger Screens on the Cell Phones

Hello Samsung Galaxy Note! Not only did I nail this prediction (and twice, if you count the iPhone 5), but I got to write a book on the Galaxy Note! Yeah!


I got this one right by the world not ending. Still, there were some good parties and great Internet humor about the whole thing.

Off-the-wall Prediction

Here’s what I wrote:

Get used to saying, “President Romney.”

I am so embarrassed! I figured any Republican would be a shoe-in given the sorry state of the economy. But the GOP lost because they couldn’t rally behind a moderate. That makes sense to me. Obama isn’t the ogre the right makes him out to be, but I’m not thrilled with him as President. Still, I respect and support the decision made by my fellow countrymen.

Stay tuned for Monday’s blog post, which offers my predictions for year 2013.

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