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October 19, 2012

My Office 2012

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In 2002 I divorced and moved out of my house. The new house needed an office, and the home I finally bought featured a single-car garage that had been converted into an office for the previous owner. Perfect.

My current office is probably the largest one I’ve ever had. It has room for everything, including computer stations for my sons.

Below you see a picture of the office as it existed after I first moved in. Yes, nothing is on the walls. I used the old oak tables I bought for my third apartment, plus some folding tables. Nothing is on the walls! Basically, I had to move in, set up, and get to work!

Office 2003

My office as of 2003, just after I moved into my current location. (Click to see a larger view.)

There are five computers shown above. Left-to-right there is my old FreeBSD Unix system, which hosted back in the day. The rest of the computers are pretty much the same lot shown in my 2001 office, almost arranged the same way. Same Aereon chair, too.

So in 2006 or so, I fully remodeled my office. I put down some hardwood flooring. I painted. I built shelves. I built a counter/desktop. Here it is:

Office 2012

My office as it exists Right Now! Click the image to see a larger view.

Counterclockwise from the left:

1. My sole remaining laptop, Janus. It’s a convertible PC Tablet, running Windows 8. The monitor behind the laptop is a multi-touch monitor, which is how I test the Windows 8 touchscreen features. Both the laptop and monitor will be put away when I’m done with Windows 8 projects. (That won’t be for some time.)

2. Next to the laptop is my Nexus 7 tablet. It’s difficult to see, but it’s there.

3. My Unix reference shelf. In front of the books is my phone boneyard, where currently sit three phones. I have books on those phones, so if I get any questions I fire them up and see what’s working or not working.

4. These are the shelves I built.

5. My gaming computer, which is also my test computer. It’s running Windows 7 presently.

6. Above the TV is the TIX clock. You may have seen them used as “mysterious scientific devices” on various TV shows. I always laugh when I see that.

7. My latest Mac. I’ve owned Macs consistently since 1986. This is a 27-inch iMac Core i7. I used the Mac for graphics design and Web programming.

8. That’s a SAD light, designed to supply sunlight for folks affected with SAD. I’ve not needed it in a few years, but it still hangs there.

9. My main writing computer, which has two monitors. Traditionally, I keep the outline on the second (higher) monitor. I know, I know: I need to give up and get a widescreen monitor. But I like using what I have. So until one of those older monitors breaks, I’ll use two.

10. That’s the left edge of my son Jonah’s computer.

11. I also built the desk/counter upon which the computers sit. It goes off a ways to the right as well.

12. That’s my Galaxy Note phone and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 right behind it. I use the Tab while I work to listen to streaming music.

13. The same Aereon chair! TOne of my kids broke it about 7 years ago, so I took it to an Aereon dealer in a nearby city. Turns out the thing was still under warranty, so they fixed it for me at no cost.

So there you have it, Office 2012. I plan on living here for many more years, so the office will probably only change subtly over time.

And, yes, I do come to work fully clothed. Those window blinds aren’t always shut!


  1. I had to google “TIX clock” and still can’t fathom how you can tell time with it.

    Comment by The Gnome Whisperer — October 21, 2012 @ 3:56 am

  2. Ah. You have to look at the clock, then look at the Windows clock gadget, then you can see what time it is.

    Seriously, it takes some practice, but eventually the human brain comprehends what time it is. Combine that with my current desire to set all my devices to military time, and my brain’s been getting quite the workout.

    Comment by admin — October 21, 2012 @ 8:34 am

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