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January 13, 2012

Print Now

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Just a quick one for you today: When you’re ready to print, print. Don’t wait. The document isn’t going to season itself in your computer. It’s not wine. There’s no point in delay; print now.

I bring up this issue because it’s one of those stupid computer “tips” that I follow but believe to be too lame to include in any book as a tip.

The first time I failed to follow this rule — like any other time I failed to follow it — I waited until the last minute to print. I was heading out the door, so I clicked the Print button and . . . nothing.

It’s always a bad time to be angry with your printer at the last minute.

My son just did the same thing yesterday morning. He’s late for school and prints some document just as he’s closing up his laptop, ready to fly out the door.


What can you do? Well, you can admonish him for not printing the night before when the document was finished. Then any printer issue could have been resolved by a tired parent, but with plenty of time to see why the printer has become suddenly stupid.

Moral of the story: Print. Print now. Get it done!

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