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September 8, 2008

Gift of the Gods

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Being both a blessing and a curse, the Internet was most likely brought forth by the ancient Greek gods. Specifically, the gods Athena, Hermes, Eris, and Eros.

From Athena comes the wisdom, but also instruction. Athena guided Perseus and Heracles. More specifically Athena was the goddess of weaving, which ties her directly into the world wide web.

Next comes Hermes, known to the Romans as the god Mercury. Hermes was messenger to the gods, the god of commerce, and most importantly, the god of thieves. That last aspect him directly responsible for BitTorrent.

Eris is most definitely the god of the political bloggers. To the Greeks, of course, she was the goddess of discord. Need I say more?

Finally there’s good old Eros, known as Cupid to the Romans. While Cupid may bring up images of tiny putti angels and arrows of romance, Eros was flat-out the god of lust and desire. Because the vast hoard of information on the Internet is pornographic in nature, there’s no denying the presence of Eros.

I enjoy playing games like this, mostly because of my love of the classics. We have a lot to learn from older cultures. Indeed, the ancient gods explain more about mankind and our own social and emotional being than the do of some supernatural culture. I believe that’s the entire point of the exercise.

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