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April 28, 2010

Wonderful Funderful Win Key Shortcuts

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There’s a lot of tricks you can pull in Windows. The secret is to use the Windows key, which I call the Win key.

There are some really nifty Win key combinations added to Windows 7. The first is the screen magnifier, which is activated by pressing Win++ (the plus key) or Win+- (the minus key). You can also press Win+Esc to quit the manager. It’s a nifty trick for enlarging what you see on the screen, but it works only on Windows 7.

Another nifty Windows 7 Win key combination is Win+P to control an external or secondary monitor on your laptop or desktop. Where was this command years ago?

For moving windows around, there are the Win+→ and Win+← key combinations. Perhaps you’ve seen the TV commercial that showcasse these keys? Basically they shove a window to the left or right side of the screen, allowing you to easily view windows side-by-side. This feature is available only in Windows 7.

Another Windows 7 Win key trick involves multiple monitors: Press Win+Shift+→ to throw the current window to the right monitor. Similarly, Win+Shift+← throws the current window to the left monitor.

The rest of the Windows key commands are presented in the tables below for your perusal. Take advantage of them if you will; I believe you’ll find that they make doing certain tasks in Windows much, much easier.

Windows Keys from A to Z

Win key
Win+B Selects the first icon in the Notification Area. How this is useful is beyond me. I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t always select the first icon.
Win+D Shows the desktop, hides open windows. Press Win+D again to re-show the windows.
Win+E Opens and Windows Explorer window displaying the Computer contents
Win+F Summons the Find (Search) command. Press Win+Ctrl+F to find computers on the network, providing you have something called Active Directory Domain Services configured (and you probably don’t)
Win+G Cycles through any Sidebar gadgets
Win+L Locks Windows
Win+M Minimizes all windows; press Win+Shift+M to restore minimized windows
Win+P Controls external or secondary monitors in Windows 7
Win+R Opens the Run dialog box
Win+T Cycles through taskbar buttons
Win+U Opens the Ease of Access window from the Control Palen
Win+X Opens Windows Mobility Center from the Control Panel (laptops only)

Windows Keys using Weird Key Combinations

Win key
Win+Space Enters the peek-at-desktop function in Windows 7; in Windows Vista displays the sidebar (if active)
Win+Alt+Enter Opens the Windows Media Center, if that program is available
Win+Break Summons the System Properties dialog box; Win+Pause does the same thing, as the Pause and Break key are the same on current keyboards
Win+Tab Cycles through windows graphically in a feature called Flip 3D
Win+↑ Maximizes the current window
Win+↓ Restores a maximized window to its previous position and size
Win+← Resizes the current window to fill the left side of the screen; press again to restore the window
Win+→ Resizes the current window to fill the right side of the screen; press again to restore the window
Win+Shift+← Throws the current window over to the left monitor (when multiple monitors are configured)
Win+Shift+→ Throws the current window over to the right monitor
Win+1 Opens the first item on the Quick Launch bar; number keys 2 through 9 open the second through ninth icons on the Quick Launch bar or Pin-On area
Win++ In Windows 7, magnifies the desktop one notch and displays the Magnifier control window
Win+- In Windows 7, reduces desktop magnification one notch after the Magnifier has been activated with Win++
Win+Esc Quits the Magnifier feature of Windows 7 and restores the desktop to regular magnification
Win+F1 Help!

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