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October 20, 2014

The Mobile Chrome Browser’s Tabs

Filed under: Main — Tags: — admin @ 12:01 am

google-chrome-logo Ever wonder what that tiny little square is with the numbers in it? That’s the Chrome web browser’s tabs feature, although on a mobile device it’s not as obvious to use as it is on a computer.

October 17, 2014

Easy Access to Weird Characters in Word

Filed under: Main — Tags: — admin @ 12:01 am

Typing on a computer involves more than just the text you’ll find on the keyboard. Occasionally you need some special symbols. Word’s Symbol command can help, but you probably don’t know the secret to finding even more symbols than what’s displayed in the Symbol dialog box.

October 16, 2014

Sneak Peek at the New iMac

Filed under: News — admin @ 2:11 pm

What’s a 5K screen? Apparently it’s very beautiful. I can’t tell by reading the article because my computer doesn’t have a 5K screen. Therefore I must trudge over to the Apple Store to have a looksee.


The Google Nexus Player

Filed under: News — admin @ 7:58 am

Hot on the heels of Amazon Fire TV is the Google Player, a gizmo that brings Chrome and Android to an Internet-ready TV near you.

Dear to my heart: The remote control with it’s voice search button.

Yes, I will buy it.


October 15, 2014

Presenting Android Lollipop

Filed under: News — admin @ 12:54 pm

And the unveiling of the new statue in Google’s Android garden:

Droid Life

Google Glass Withdrawal

Filed under: News — admin @ 7:31 am

I’m not certain whether this story is bogus or not (I don’t know the British papers), but apparently a man wore his Google Glass gizmo nearly 24 hours every day. He is now suffering from withdrawal symptoms when he doesn’t wear the device. He even dreams about it.

Is this for real?

The Guardian

Save Me!

Filed under: Main — Tags: , — admin @ 12:01 am

My advice: Save your documents! Save them right away, as soon as your create something, such as a smidgen of text in a word processor. Then save frequently and often. That’s good advice, but it begs the question of where to save.

October 14, 2014

Gameboy on a Smartwatch

Filed under: News — admin @ 10:09 am

Someone with way too much time on their hands recently ported Windows 95 to a smartwatch. Proving that mankind isn’t short on people with too much time on their hands, some wag has done a smartwatch Gameboy emulator.

Any ideas on what’s next?


October 13, 2014

Adios, Dial-Up Modem

Filed under: Main — Tags: , — admin @ 12:01 am

The sun is about to set on the dial-up modem, once the most common way to access the Internet. According to Pew Research, fewer than 3 percent of Internet users have a dial-up modem. An era has passed.

October 11, 2014

Amazon to Open Brick-and-Mortar Store

Filed under: News — admin @ 9:37 am

This development is just too weird: The world’s largest online retailer suddenly believes it’s necessary to open a physical store? I’m just baffled beyond words.

The Atlantic

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