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12 Years of Word Humor


I wrote my first word processing book in 1992, WordPerfect For Dummies. It became an instant best-seller. I also wrote Micxrosoft Word for Dummies, which has had over 7 editions in the past dozen or so years. This web page is presented so that you can view the various humorous images that have appeared in the book over the years.

The images displayed are from the books Word 95 For Dummies through Word 2002 For Dummies. Earlier books have fallen victim to digital decay; the file formats I used for storing the images are no longer supported. The files for Word 2003 For Dummies were lost when my archive hard drive failed. And Word 2007 For Dummies, well, you can buy that book today and see those images for yourself!

My notion is that computer books are normally dull and boring, with mundane and uninspiring examples. I set out to change that. Click the Next button to review the many humorous and pointed images I've put into my Word books over the years. I hope that you enjoy them!