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Word 2010 For Dummies

Word 2010 For Dummies

Errata / Corrections

Page 39
The directions for finding the GoTo command may be different with your version of Word. You may have to find the GoTo command on the Replace button menu, not the Find button menu.
Page 48
The first sentence of the last paragraph is missing the word "be." It should read, "The Repeat Typing command can also be used to reapply formatting."
Page 67
When using Ctrl+Click to select a sentence, the sentence is determined by Word, not by English grammar. So if you have a period in the sentence before the final period at the end, Word cuts short the selection.
Page 82
To display an arrow on the screen, type --> (that's two hyphens and then greater-than symbol). In the text, the two hyphens appear as an em-dash, or single line.
Pages 113, 114, and 115
The name of the Share command has changed since the book went to press. The command is now named Save & Send. So Step 3 on page 113 should read:
3. Choose the Save & Send command.
Step 3 on page 114 should read:

3. Choose the Save & Send command from the File tab menu.

Step 1 on Page 115 should read:

1. From the File tab menu, choose the Save & Send command.

Page 115
The web page link to download the Adobe Acrobat reader is: http://get.adobe.com/reader/
Page 180
The Page Numbers command does not appear on the Quick Parts menu. (It was there in the Word 2010 preview, but was removed from the final program). To insert a page number into a header or footer, use the Insert tab: Choose the Page Number command from the Header & Footer group, then select either a preset page number or use the Current Position submenu to insert a manual page number. Also see the information on page numbers on page 167.
Page 317
Under step 1, the item Directory should read "A directory is a list of information..." The word directly appears instead of directory.

Latest Information & Updates

Running Word 2010 on Windows XP
In the Introduction to my Word 2010 For Dummies book, I mention that the product doesn't run under Windows XP. That statement is no longer true. As long as you've updated your version of Windows XP to the Service Pack 3 (SP3), then you can run Word 2010, or Office 2010, on your computer. (SP3 came out after my Word book was released.)
Deleting an unwanted file from the Recent Documents list
The file may be gone, but the remnants remain in the stupid Recent Documents. Yes, you can remove that bad file reference, but it's not easy. Read more...
Converting that Word 2010 document format
As you might already know, Word 2010 saves documents in a new format, DOCX. This format is different from and incompatible with the older DOC format used by Word versions 97 through 2003. The good news is that there is a converter available from Microsoft. Click here to download the converter.
Getting the Save All command back
Do you miss the Save All command? Here's how to get it back.

Supplemental Material

The Document Looks All Weird Trouble!
Ever open a document in Word and it looks really weird on the screen? It's a Word document, but for some reason it got trashed! What did you do? What did you do? Read about what you did.
Creating a Vinculum in Word 2010
I, too, didn't know what a vinculum was until a reader wrote me. I soon discovered that Word can not only do vinculums, but it can do them well — and it's a useful trick to know. Read more...
Finding Text Formatting
I talk about this in the books, but it's not really explained well enough. This tutorial should help. Read more...
12 Years of Humorous Word Images
Take a trip through memory lane and see some of the obnoxious, outrageous, and just plain funny images that I've put into my Word For Dummies book over the years. Enjoy...

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