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Word 2002 / 2003

Errata / Corrections

Chapter 17, "Modifying a Document Template"
The information on modifying a template no longer applies. Instead, refer here for information on how to modify a template.
Word 2002 - Page 40
On page 40 it says to press Ctrl+(right arrow) to move the cursor to the previous word and Ctrl+(left arrow) to move the cursor to the next word. This is backwards:
move the cursor to the start of the next word.
move the cursor to the start of the previous word.
Word 2002 - Page 309
The instructions in the book about deleting a file are incorrect. They say to just click on the file. Actually you need to right click and then choose Delete from the pop-up menu — just as it works in Windows Explorer.
Word 2002 — Page 316
There is a way to turn off the personalized menus in Word 2002: Choose ToolsCustomize. Then click the Options tab in the Customize dialog box. There you can choose to display full menus all the time, or to have Word display the full menu after a brief pause. Sorry for the error!
Word 2002 - Page 362
In Table 35-1, the first entry in Column 2 shows an underscore as the last character. That is incorrect. Apparently the printer didn't have the character Ý so an underscore appears instead. The other characters in the line are correct.
Also in Table 35-1, the second keyboard shortcut in Column 1 should be Ctrl+` (the accent grave or back tick). The typesetter "corrected" the back tick to a standard apostrophe, which is incorrect. The text in the table's Column 2 displays the resulting characters properly.

Latest Information & Updates

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Supplemental Material

Finding Text Formatting
I talk about this in the books, but it's not really explained well enough. This tutorial should help. Read more...
Doing Mail Merge in Word 2002/2003
This got cut from the book to save space. Click here for the details.
The Menu Deletor
For some reason, the menu deletor information was deleted from the web page! Not to worry: It's back. Read about this ugly, useless tool here.
The Ultimate Envelope Printing Guide
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