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Word For Dummies

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This page supports my books Microsoft Word For Dummies and Microsoft Word 2016 For Professionals For Dummies.

For support of my other Word books, click the proper link: Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, and Word 2002/2003.

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Errata / Corrections

Updated December 2021.

Word For Dummies:


Word 2016 Professionals For Dummies

Page 11
The shortcut for the en dash is Ctrl+(hyphen). The shortcut for the em dash is Ctrl+Alt+(hyphen), where the hyphen is the minus key on the numeric keypad. These items are listed incorrectly in the 11th and 13th bullets on the page.
Page 190
In the first step, second line, the word "to" should read "the" as in, "you want the object to appear."
Page 329
Third bulet from the top, the words "for information" are repeated.
Page 429
The paragraph below the steps ("To display...") should appear at the top of the page. I have no idea who this formatting bug occurred.
Page 449
Figure 25-1 lists the macro's description as "first three letters" when it should be "first three words." This mistake occurs elsewhere, because it's what I wrote when I created the macro.
Page 467
In the code listing at the bottom of the page, the macro's description says "letters" instead of "words."
Page 469
Again, in the code listing at the bottom of the page, the description is incorrect.

Supplemental Material

The Document Looks All Weird Trouble!
Ever open a document in Word and it looks really weird on the screen? It's a Word document, but for some reason it got trashed! What did you do? What did you do? Read about what you did.
Creating a Vinculum
I, too, didn't know what a vinculum was until a reader wrote me. I soon discovered that Word can not only do vinculums, but it can do them well — and it's a useful trick to know. Read more...
Finding Text Formatting
I talk about this in the books, but it's not really explained well enough. This tutorial should help. Read more...
12 Years of Humorous Word Images
Take a trip through memory lane and see some of the obnoxious, outrageous, and just plain funny images that I've put into my Word For Dummies book over the years. Enjoy...

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