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Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your PC All-in-one For Dummies


Troubleshooting Blog Posts

Here are some posts taken from my Wambooli Blog which relate to troubleshooting your PC:

Time For Some PC Upgrading, Part III
Apr 19, 2018 Just a minor hiccup keeps my upgrade plans from running smoothly. Link
Time For Some PC Upgrading, Part II
Apr 16, 2018 Updating PC hardware is often fun and easy, except when it's not. Link
Time For Some PC Upgrading, Part I
Apr 12, 2018 The PC isn't old, but it can sure use some quick (and inexpensive) hardware improvements. Link
Getting Sound Into the PC
Mar 15, 2018 This audio issue is becoming more common as newer PCs and Laptops lack a line-in jack. Link
Your PC has Many Fans
Feb 22, 2018 There's nothing better than getting a hot new computer, unless that computer isn't cool. Link
Yes, Wambooli is Quite Safe
Nov 9, 2017 The McAfee WebAdvisor plugin was under the assumption that this website, Wambooli, carried great risk. It lied. Link
Add Some RAM
Sep 25, 2017 A quick, painless update you can do yourself. Link
Ten Hours Without Internet
Sep 21, 2017 The backhoe is the natural enemy of the Internet. Link
Stop the Boop-De-Doop
Sep 4, 2017 You can eliminate the noise that plays when you add a new gizmo to your PC. Link
"Hello, Tech Support?"
Jul 27, 2017 Do people still use tech support? Link

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