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Duplicating a Floppy (or other removable) Disk

Few people copy floppies any more, which is why I don't write about the topic in any of my books. If you're curious, then I've included the steps here.

Remember, floppies are not a reliable way to store files long term. They store only 1.4M of information, which isn't enough for large graphics files.

Stick the floppy disk (original) into the floppy drive.

Open My Computer and right-click the floppy disk icon.

Choose Copy Disk from the menu.

This displays the Copy Disk dialog box.

All your computer's removable disk drives are listed in this window, once on the left and once on the right. Note that if you see Zip drives listed (which is what they are above) that there is a better Disk Copying tool available on that drive's right-click menu.

Choose drive A from both lists in the Copy Disk window.

Now if you have a floppy drive B and it's the same size as drive A, you can choose drive B from the Copy to list. Otherwise, choose the same disk on both sides.

Click Start.


Windows reads all the information from the disk.

Remove the original when it tells you.

Wait until the floppy drive light goes out before you pop out the disk.

Stick in the duplicate and click OK.

This utterly erases the disk, actually reformatting it with the same information from the original.

When it's done, click Close.

You're done!

Remove the disk and properly label it.
If the target disk is write-protected, remove the disk and slide the write protect tile so that you can see through the hole. Keep in mind that the disk might have been write-protected for a reason.
You cannot unformat a disk that has been diskcopied.