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Dan in France
The author in the south of France, reading his e-mail wirelessly (2006).

Ventura, California
The author's laptop (and his reflection), Venutra, CA (2014).

CIA Laptop Bag
In the 5th Edition of the book (in Chapter 20), I mention something called the CIA Bag. It's not really a CIA bag, but really a GSA locking bag. You can purchase the bags at this web site.
Absolute Software's LoJack for Laptops
I figured I'd miss the only laptop theft-prevention system that's embedded in the BIOS of my own laptop! LoJack for Laptops is yet another fancy way to help locate a lifted laptop. http://www.lojackforlaptops.com/
Whither Lurks that Free Wireless Hotspot
Visit http://www.wififreespot.com/ for a list of free places you can hook into using your laptop's wireless network adapter. The list includes Internet cafe's, airports, and other places where Internet access is essentially free. Free! FREE!
Great Laptop Web Page
If you haven't yet been there, the Laptopical.com web site is a great place for information, tips, and stuff about laptops. Highly recommended:

Laptop Blog Posts

Here are some posts taken from my Wambooli Blog which relate to using laptop computers:

The Dawn of Android Oh
May 25, 2017 It will surprise me if it's not called "Android Oreo." Link
Windows 10.1 Finally Shows Up
Apr 17, 2017 Dubbed the "Creator's Edition," Windows 10.1 offers new features, though good luck finding them. Link
A Relic I Cannot Get to Work
Mar 2, 2017 My old Osborne computer won't start. Link
Metered Connections
Jun 27, 2016 When to use one and when not to use one. Link
When it's Safe to Send
Mar 30, 2016 The Wi-Fi you're using is public, so is it safe to do your online banking? Link
Yet Another 2016 Prediction
Jan 11, 2016 This one is too late to count in my official predictions, but something that I'd like to see happen. Link
New Year PC Chores
Jan 4, 2016 Start the year afresh by cleaning up some PC junk. Link
My Bluetooth Headset
Dec 23, 2015 I'm not sure if what I found is the one, but it's good. Link
My New, Teensy Laptop
Nov 30, 2015 I call him "Frodo." Link
Air Power
Nov 18, 2015 Now showing at an airplane seat near you. Link

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