Computer Snacking

Sung to the tune of Hark the Herald

Have you seen what he will eat,

While computing on his seat?

Pop and chips and pizza rolls,

Lots of cereal, bowls and bowls.

All the food, computer snacking

Good nutrition he is lacking!

Fries and chips and soda pop,

Will his munching never stop?

Don't look now, his waist does bloat

Put him in water and he'll float.

Pretzels, pasta, and cold beer,

That's the diet for a year.

Don't eat meat, or any greens

Solid foods, they are obscene.

Let's eat fat! Cholesterol.

More, more salt, we want it all!

While computing, we do munch!

Nuts and seeds go crunch, crunch, crunch!

Candy, chocolate, Oreos,

Ding-Dong's and Twinkies and Ho-Ho's!

No more ice cream, not one lick

Now I've done it, now I'm sick.

Grab my stomach and I moan,

"Time to use the big white phone."

I regret the things I ate

From now on, a balanced plate.

Dairy products, meat and fish

Now I'll eat a healthy dish

Breads and Cereals, broccoli,

Healthy food is what's for me.

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