Which Cord is This?

Sung to the tune of What Child Is This...

Which cord is this that came to rest

Behind my console a cable nest?

Things work well now, but still somehow

I fear that there's something un-plug-ed!

O! Dear! Will the printer work?

The mo-dem talk back or go berzerk?

Pray, tell, has gone something wrong:

A cable has done gone un-plug-ed.

It's been three weeks and yet still no sign

The scanner works and I've been on-line.

The cable see, it hangs loose and free

I checked and no ports had gone emp-ty

Praise be, I shall not give up

I'll find a way to get re-hooked-up

No shame, 'cause I won't self-blame,

When a cable has done gone un-plug-ed

I'm done, I'm sure: I have found the cure

It was not pain-ful, rude or obscure

I broke no laws and used both my paws

To pull out all the whole of that ca-ble

Tug! Tug and I soon did find

A twisty cable that did un-wind.

There, friends as I saw two ends,

For the cable was plugged into to nothing!

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